ISART Montreal, a springboard for gamers and VFX’s fans

ISART DIGITAL a leading video game & 3D animation school

ISART DIGITAL in sync with the needs of international studios

Founded in 2013, ISART DIGITAL fulfills the criteria of the Ministry of Education, offering programs accredited by the French government. Above all, we understand the needs of video game, 3D animation and VFX studios, successfully positioning students in professional situations at companies such as UBISOFT, MPC, GAMELOFT, FRAMESTORE, EIDOS, and BEHAVIOR.

  • Vincent, Technical Animator MPC Vancouver, class of 2014
  • Galaad, CFX Artist Illumination Mac Guff Paris, class of 2015
  • Pierre, CG Artist Bad Clay Studio Saïgon, class of 2013
  • Hugo, 3D Animator Buf Montreal, class of 2013
  • Pierrick, Gameplay AI Programmeur Ubisoft Montreal, class of 2011
  • Johan, Game Developer Gamesys London, class of 2013
  • Fabien, Game Analyst, Fnatic Cologne, class of 2014
  • Martin, Project Manager, Ninja Egg Tokyo, class of 2011


Montreal : an international creative hub

Montreal is well known for its creativity and the high quality of the video games, 3D animated films and VFX which originate there.
The city has a thriving job market in the fields of digital arts and interactive entertainment. Montreal is home to a wide variety of video game studios (from big names to smaller, independent production houses) as well as 3D animation and visual effects activities, from pre-production to post-production and everything in between. Some of the most internationally successful games are developed there, such as Deus Ex Human Revolution, Assassin’s Creed, The Division, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Terminator Genisys, and more….

A cosmopolitan and multi-cultural city

Every year, Montreal welcomes numerous international students, facilitating rich multi-cultural exchanges.


A friendly environment

In addition to the warm and welcoming attitude of Montreal’s inhabitants and the dynamism of the city, hundreds of cultural events and festivals are held there every year. The city has become a cutting-edge capital for electronic music, comic books, winter activities and art, thanks to festivals such as Piknic Electronik, MEG Montreal, Montreal Comiccon, the Montreal Festival of Lights and so many others.