Global Game Jam Paris 2014

The worldwide meeting place for creators of independent games

The objective of the Global Game Jam is to create a game in 48 hours. The 6th edition gathered 22 000 jammers spread over 480 sites and 70 countries in the weekend of 24-26 January 2014.

13 jams have taken place in France. All the students, amateurs and professionals, armed with their skills in game design, sound design or graphics had a seriously awesome time giving birth to no less than 4000 games on the theme: “We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are.” In addition to the theme, optional “achievements” are suggested, for those who wish to spice up the exercise a little bit.

Global Game Jam Paris 2014: 130 jammers and 25 games!

In the official keynote address, broadcast worldwide, personalities from the video game world shared, with jammers the world over, their advice to best approach the 48 hours of creation. Richard Lemarchand, Associate Professor at the The University of Southern California (ex-lead game designer at Naughty Dog); Kaho Abe, Game Designer and media artist and Jenova Chen, President & Creative Director at That Game Company (Flower and Journey…).

William David is the co-founder of the development studio Swing Swing Submarine (Blocks That Matter, Tetrobot and Co and soon Seasons After Fall). He co-organized the jam with ISART DIGITAL. William David concluded the event by asking each jammer what they would take away from the experience and announcing the results of the vote. Even if the Global Game Jam is not a contest, the participants had been invited to test their comrades games and to vote, in order to highlight the most interesting projects in the Parisian edition of 2014.

The Top 3 : kaw-eye, sailors, vr lemmings


n°3 : VR Lemmings



Virtual reality game, using Oculus Rift & Razer Hydra, inspired from the game Lemmings, in which the player needs to build a path in order to lead some small creatures to the end of the level.




n°2 : Sailors


Cooperative/competitive game in which 4 players try to keep their boat afloat while eliminating their comrades one by one.





n°1 : Kaw-Eye



Platformer in which the world, seemingly cute, turns out to be much more dangerous than it would appear. As the player gets closer, the real nature of the elements that he meets becomes more apparent.




Spotlight on some creations

This year we have many multiplayer games and also….a board game. Bruno Cathala, the creator of the famous board games “Cyclades” and “Mister Jack” visited ISART and created a small board game “Junk Asylum” with his team in 48 hours.

  • Junk Asylum is a party game with an infinite number of players. The players are everyday objects…that believe themselves to be human beings. During a session of psychoanalysis, they have to guess, one card after another, what kind of objects they really are. A simple and ingenious game of skill.
  • Swapped Souls: a cooperative board game in which 2 players must reach the end of the level together. The particularity of this game is that the visual and physical forms of the characters do not correspond and are switched around.
  • Tag-Ascii : Multiplayer online game in which the players, a cat and many mice, chase each other and hide in “fields” of ASCII characters.
  • Don’t Walk There! : Game for 4 players of cooperation based on communication. Each player must reach a specific place in the level, but only his comrades can see the traps in his path.

All photos on the FlickR de GGJParis - Isart Digital

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