Corporate Relations Team

The Corporate Relations Department provides support to students throughout their studies at ISART DIGITAL.

Individualized Support

The Corporate Relations Department supports students in their entry to the professional world.  Corporate Relations Agents work alongside students giving individualized support in the creation of their CV, cover letter, and portfolio; providing interview preparation; and, later, monitoring their integration in a company or their creation of a new business.

Furthermore, each class is assigned a Corporate Relations Agent who follows the students throughout their courses in the school.  The consulting sessions with Corporate Relations Agents are an integral part of the students’ academic program.



Successful Professional Integration

The Corporate Relations Department ensures that students understand the expectations of the business world. They organize events throughout the year which strengthen the links between the school and its partners.

Meetings with businesses that hire our students are held to discuss the students’ integration, behaviour, goals, and progress.  The students’ mentors are invited to their end-of-year milestone presentations.

Sophie Dosiere / Asobo (video game studio, Ratatouille, Toy Story 3)

"The educational preparation alternates between academic and business experience. This way, the student learns theory and puts it in practice simultaneously, which makes it much easier to perform a specific role at the end of their studies."