Support in creating your company

The entrepreneurial spirit is encouraged at ISART DIGITAL. The school has developed a partnership with company incubators that can give advice to the students as they construct their business plan, search for financing and decide on the legal status of their company.

Entrepreneurs trained at ISART DIGITAL

BENTO STUDIO: the creation of an interactive design studio

Student: B Prunneaux (Game Design)

Benoit Brunneaux is the founder of two companies linked to digital creation, more specifically in video games and real-time 3D technology. (Dig Dog and Bento Studio). Bento studio has won numerous awards including the Tokyo Game Show.


I-FLUID: a commercialized prototype game

Students: J. Lolieux , B. Lucas, B. Prunneaux (Game Design)

Three students developed the prototype game “The Drop” as their graduation project in 2005. This game, in which players become a drop of water that needs to escape from the kitchen and find its way to the ocean, was an immediate success, obtaining a number of prestigious prizes (IMAGINA 2006 Student Award, Grand Prize 3D3…). The project won over Exkee studios, who gave the students the means to develop and commercialize their game, now available on PC.


BEN & JULIA: creation of an Art Direction studio

Student: B. Créa’ch (Cinéma d’Animation 3D)

Benoit Créa’ch, a former student from the 2003 3D Animation class, has opened a visual creation studio in Berlin. Prestigious clients have commissioned the studio for advertising films, jingles etc.: MTV, the Olympic Museum, RATP, Sega, Atari, Microsoft.


COLOR WARZ: the commercialisation of a board game

Students: Fabien Friess and Nicolas Teze (Game Design)

Fabien Friess and Nicolas Teze, former Game Design students, continued to develop the game prototype they started at the school and currently market it through the company Fluo Games.


Simon Darveau / Ubisoft

"ISART DIGITAL trains the talents of tomorrow! The students are creative, curious and respond perfectly to the needs of the market. The passion and professionalism of ISART DIGITAL students allows them to work easily in production teams and to contribute effectively to their projects. It's the school I would have loved to go to!"