Cooperative education at ISART DIGITAL

As professional experience is at the heart of the school’s educational approach, the students participate in work-study programs of either professional training contracts or internships.  Business experience of 1 to 3 months is required to validate each school year.

Professional Training Contracts (6-24 months)

A professional training contract is a short-term or long-term work contract.  Depending on the company, all or part of the training expenses are covered by the OPCA (a training fund collection agency).  The student’s pay is between 65% and 100% of the minimum wage (SMIC) depending on their age and level of education when hired.  Students can thus develop their professional experience while financing their studies. The student has the status of a paid employee.


Students can also gain experience in a company through an internship.  The internship creates a three-way relationship between the company, the school and the student.  The internship agreement defines the conditions of the internship that all three parties must respect.

Students who do an internship for more than 2 months receive a bonus (12.5% of the hourly salary defined by the social security department: for example, €436.05 in 2013).  For internships that last less than 2 months, the company may decide to pay the student a bonus, but this is not a legal requirement.  The student keeps his student status.

The internship can take place during the school year, alternating with the student’s academic schedule, or during the summer, as a full-time position.


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"The work-study programme is one of the factors that allows students to grow in maturity and prepares them for the business world."