Our story

An original educational project oriented towards professional life

ISART DIGITAL puts the working world at the heart of its educational approach.

  • A school in tandem with the industry: ISART DIGITAL is an international institute of higher education specializing in Video Games, 3D Animation and VFX.
    Based in Paris and Montreal, we also offer exchange programs with schools in Japan. We deliver Master’s-level degrees.
    The greatest advantage of ISART is our close relationship with industry professionals, which enables us to place our students in internships throughout their studies.
  • A school in sync with its students: ISART DIGITAL was founded in Paris in 2001 by Xavier Rousselle, a digital image and video game specialist. Upon realizing that there was a lack of training programs for the video game sector, he established the school, hoping to help his colleagues recruit qualified employees. This project combined his two passions: the desire to share knowledge and skills, and the creation of a school that he would have dreamed of attending!
  • An innovative institution: Since its creation, ISART has adapted itself not only to the different technological developments of the sector, but also to different learning strategies and techniques. The pedagogical approach of the school is constantly evolving to reflect the needs of the industry.
    In this way, the school became the first of its kind to see one of its student projects (i-Fluid) commercialized on the STEAM platform in 2006. We were also the first school to receive an award for Virtual Reality at the Unity Awards in 2014.


ISART’s timeline

From the beginning, ISART has been recognized by industry professionals as being successful in positioning its students in studios around the world.

  • 2001: Establishment of the first programs in Game Design and Animation
  • 2004: First award won by students
  • 2007: Accreditation by the French Government of the first Game Designer diploma
  • 2008: First commercialized student game
  • 2008: Partnership established with the Japanese video game school NCC
  • 2011: First Summer School Programs
  • 2013: ISART opens its Montreal campus
  • 2013: ISART’s diplomas are recognized by the Canadian Ministry of Education
  • 2015: Partnership established with the Tokyo University of Technology



A well-known international school

The reputation of ISART DIGITAL is vital for the future careers of its students. Degrees, awards and the international outlook are all factors which reinforce the quality of this reputation. But above all, the reputation of ISART DIGITAL has its foundation in an excellent network, composed of ex-students now working in the best studios, and professionals from the video game and 3D animation fields.

  • State-recognized degrees: The school awards degrees that have been accredited by the French government. The 3D Animation, Game Art and Game Design programs have all been approved for level 2 recognition by the RNCP (Bac+4 in France). The organisation World Education Services judges and recognizes the french diploma to be equivalent to a ‘Bachelor’s Degree’. Each training program is automatically submitted for state accreditation, in line with the school’s commitment to high standards of quality.
Jean-François CAMILLERI / General Manager

"I discovered in ISART DIGITAL's student productions the kind of creativity and technical skill that will serve them well in the years to come. They also have a great capacity to adapt to new technologies, which is indespensable in today's world. The point is not just to know, but also to know how to adapt."