ISART DIGITAL supports new talent.  We encourage uniqueness, creativity and innovation!

Training students for careers in the industry

ISART’s programs are designed for creative individuals who are passionate about the creation of video games and 3D animated fims, and who want to pursue careers in these industries.


Nourishing artistic and creative expression

A team of highly-trained professionals from the industry accompany our students throughout their studies. We provide our students with high-level training and support which nurture and encourage their creative and artistic expression. Our pedagogical approach focuses on learning through hands-on group work, such as projects, jams, and other challenges, which encourage interaction among the different classes.

Ever since its foundation, the school has chosen a rigorous pedagogical approach combined with work experience and internships. In conjunction with their studies, students progressively immerse themselves in the professional world and learn to organize their time, which includes both classes and internships. Thanks to our internship program, ISART DIGITAL offers students a real immersion in the professional world: this unique pedagogical approach encourages our students to adapt themselves to the organisation and constraints of production, just as they will later on in their careers.

Providing cutting-edge innovative programs

Thanks to ISART’s constant interaction and strong ties with the professional world we have developed our programs to evolve along with market changes, in order to stay on the cutting edge of current processes. The pedagogical team comes from some of the best studios in the sector and is in constant contact with industry professionals. ISART participates in various conferences and masterclasses to stay up-to-date with the latest innovations.

ISART DIGITAL, an incubator for video game and 3D animation projects
From the moment they set foot in the school, our students begin working on video game and animation projects. Our final-year students all work on a final project which is presented to industry professionals during milestones, as part of national and international competitions and festivals such as Annency, IGF, Siggraph, and the Unity Awards. The presidents of the 2015 graduating class’ jury came from Illumination Mac Guff and DontNod Entertainment.
Our pedagogical team works closely with our students, accompanying and encouraging them throughout their studies. The students receive the support and attention necessary for the completion of creative, innovative projects which consistently interest professionals working in the fields of video games and 3D animation.

Preparing students for the international market

  • Our school creates many opportunities for international exchange in order to facilitate fruitful relationships with industry professionals and students across the world:
    An international presence: Our school offers students the possibility of studying abroad in Canada and Japan, leading countries in the video game and animation sectors. This creates valuable opportunities for our students to immerse themselves in a new culture, while capitalizing on work experience for their future careers.
  • An international network: Thanks to our international contacts with the industry, ISART attracts numerous global professionals who come to meet our students during masterclasses run by professionals from companies like Pixar (USA), Nintendo (Japan), or Double Negative (Canada), to name a few. Our school also provides support for students who would like to pursue internships abroad.
  • Alumni Abroad : Our school facilitates communication across our global Alumni network.
  • Exchanges with other schools abroad: Each year, the International Department organises language exchanges between our students and students from partner schools, like the University of California and Skidmore College.


Geoffroy Givry / Senior Digital Compositor

ISART DIGITAL is a school with an international reputation; recognised world wide by production companies at the highest level of the industry.