Pedagogical team

The school takes great care in the choice of its teaching team. The principal qualities we require for instructors at ISART are recognized expertise and a strong desire to share one’s knowledge.

Pedagogical experts in video games and 3D animation

ISART DIGITAL never stops developing our team. We constantly surround ourselves with talented industry professionals whose pedagogical approach is widely appreciated by our students.

Faculty from the video game and 3D animation industries

The pedagogical team of ISART DIGITAL is comprised of experts from some of the best production studios. Our faculty is recognized for their in-depth knowledge and attentiveness to the students’ needs. Our pedagogical approach facilitates innovation and creativity by adapting programs to changes in the industry.
The school’s reputation also attracts renowned specialists who come to share their passion and knowledge with our students during conferences and masterclasses. We have hosted representatives from Pixar, Rovio, Google, Double Negative, Mikros, Ubisoft and Microsoft. All year long, we organize events, such as meet-ups, jams, talks and conferences, which bring together the video game and 3D animation communities. In this way, we ensure that our students are in constant contact with the industry.


A student-based academic approach

At ISART, we value exchange and open discussion which contribute to the personal and professional development of our students. The professors are accessible and fully support the students’ projects and development. Our students enjoy individual attention from our professors. The staff are available to listen to students’ questions and concerns about their classes or campus life on a daily basis.


Jeremy Vickery / Pixar - Light Artist & Technical Director

"ISART DIGITAL is a good school. I am excited by the animation and game projects that I have seen. I think that the ideas are original and fun!"