Student Life

The BDE (Bureau des Etudiants) is the student-run group which allows all students to dive in and get involved! Whether your interests are RPGs, movies, traveling, soirées, or game contests, you’re sure to find other ISART students to connect with while you plan memorable events!bde

Looking to let loose your leadership skills?

ISART students can be nominated class delegates, students who are chosen by their class to act as liaison between their class and ISART staff. These students head a network with their classes to efficiently collect and disseminate information. They act as a sounding board, regularly communicating with all members of their class and relaying information or questions to advisors and staff, in both formal and informal settings.

They are essential members of each conseil de classe, where they can speak frankly with their department heads and other staff about the class’s progress as a whole and each member’s academic gains. This is the perfect calling for objective, non-judgmental, and trustworthy students who are invested in taking on a prestigious leadership role.