3D Film Animation

Become a professional in animation and create 3D animated shorts
Length: 5 years (Preparatory year + 2 years general Digital Art studies + 2 years 3D Animation specialization)
Rhythm: Preparatory year : full time / Each consecutive year : cooperative education
Prerequisites for admission: High school diploma, portfolio and interview


  • Acquire the skills of a 2D/3D versatile graphic artist, able to work in each speciality field of 3D animation
  • Develop your creativity and sensitivity to the arts and what is involved in cinema productions
  • Understand all the stages in the making of a 3D film: screenplay, visual development, storyboard, animation, lighting, materials and textures
  • Work in a team, design, develop and make a short 3D animation film
  • Expand your knowledge of project management, supervision, communication


Careers this course prepares you for

3D Animator, Concept Artist, Colour Artist, Modeling Artist, Rigging Technician, Lighting Artist, Shading Artist, Storyboarder, Designer, Technical Director, Digital Matte Painter, Previz Artist, CG Supervisor, Colourist, CG Graphic artist, Compositing Artist, SFX Artist, 3D Director Artistic Director, Sculpt Artist…


  • Foundations of screenplay writing
  •  Character design
  •  Environmental design
  •  Staging and storyboarding
  •  Acting lessons and foundations of traditional animation
  •  2D animatics
  •  Layout and advanced 3D animation techniques
  •  3D techniques and modeling
  •  Texture creation and matte painting
  •  Setup and skinning
  •  Lighting and rendering techniques
  •  Compositing, special effects
  •  Editing
  •  Logistics and 3D production techniques
  •  Image post-production
  •  Production management
  •  English
  •  Support in starting your career
Jean-Jacques Benhamou / Mac Guff (3D animation studio for "Despicable Me")

“At Mac Guff, The students put into practice the knowledge they have acquired at ISART DIGITAL, while discovering our way of working. It stimulates a real exchange of ideas between us.”