3D Film VFX

Create visual effects
Length: 5 years (preparatory year + 2 years general 3D FX studies + 2 years VFX specialization)
Rhythm: Preparatory year : full time / Each consecutive year : cooperative education
Prerequisites for admission: High school diploma, portfolio and interview
Drawing level is not part of the selection criteria


  • Acquire the skills of a versatile graphic artist
  • Expand your creativity, acquire advanced techniques for 3D and modification of filmed images
  • Work in teams, design, prepare and create all kinds of special effects through short film projects
  • Understand what is at stake in the organisation of a film shoot and improve your knowledge of careers in the cinema and audiovisual fields
  • Improve your knowledge of project management, supervision, communication



FX  Artist, Modeling Artist, Shading Artist, Lighting Artist, Rigging Technician, Dynamic Simulation Artist, FX Technical Director, CG Supervisor, FX Supervisor, Compositor, Lead Compositor, Motion Designer, Digital Matte Painter, Rotoscoping Artist, Tracking Artist, Color grader, Previz Artist…


  • CG modeling and digital sculpting (e.g.:  characters, animals, vehicles, sets)
  • Look development and matte painting
  • Setup, rigging and skinning (creation of animation interfaces)
  •  Animation
  •  CG lighting and 3D photorealistic rendering
  •  Dynamic simulations  (particles, fluids, cloth, hair, muscles, rigid bodies, soft bodies, shatter, crowds)
  •  Script (image oriented programming)
  •  Motion Design
  •  Compositing CG render passes
  •  Tracking and matching 3D elements in live shots
  •  Chroma keying and rotoscopy
  •  Screenwriting and directing
  •  Photography, shooting, editing, colour grading
  •  Planning and project management
  •  English
  •  Support in starting your career


Jean-Jacques Benhamou / Mac Guff (3D animation studio for "Despicable Me")

“At Mac Guff, The students put into practice the knowledge they have acquired at ISART DIGITAL, while discovering our way of working. It stimulates a real exchange of ideas between us.”