Which program is right for you?


How old are you?

1Under 14
4Over 25 with no experience in the film or video game industry
5Over 25 with experience in the film or video game industry

What type of world do you feel closest to?

1A technical world where you can experiment and learn new languages
2An imaginary world with a captivating story (e.g. Pixar films, Ghibli)
3A realistic world with mind-blowing effects (e.g. Marvel films)
4A total immersion game world (e.g. Assassin's Creed)
5An independent and original game world (e.g. Minecraft)
6An original sound environment (eg: Kavinsky for Drive)

How is your creative potential best expressed?

1Creating film scripts/game mechanics
2Drawing characters or scenery
3Creating with 3D tools or photography
4Learning new languages and developing
5Composing or mixing music / sound

What kinds of research does your interest motivate you to do?

1Surfing the web and discovering/mastering new programming languages
2Closely watching animation film making-ofs and being on the lookout for new 2D/3D short films
3Watching visual trick videos and keeping an eye out for new 3D tools
4Analyzing gameplay tests done by specialized video game sites
5Looking out for buzz around the newest independent games that you can test and show your friends

What part of a video game or film are you the most interested in?

1The technological complexity (multiplayer games, hardware equipment, 3D
2The concept and inside workings of the action (game mechanisms, storylines)
3The aesthetic quality of the scenery and characters
4The visual effects
5The development of character emotions, the animations / trailers
6The sound ambience

How would you describe your relationship with programming?

1You love coding in C or C++ and want to do that for a living
2You love coding in new languages born from evolving web technology and want to do that for a living
3You occasionally code but only for other things
4You don't like coding at all

What is your approach to drawing?

1You draw every day and have mastered movement (characters in action), anatomical drawing and perspective
2You draw often but haven't yet mastered movement (characters in action), anatomical drawing or perspective. You would like to improve.
3You draw very little or not at all and would not want to do that for a living, but are interested in this activity
4You're not interested in drawing

What’s your dream job?

1Like Myamoto (Mario…), you want to create new ways of playing in a structured environment
2Like Myazaki (Princess Mononoke…), you want to imagine stylized, artistic universes
3Like Persson (Mindcraft), you want to come up with and programme new game worlds by starting your own company
4Like Lucas (Star Wars), you want to imagine fantasy worlds with special effects
5Like Uematsu (Final Fantasy), you want to compose the music for films and games

What work situation can your see yourself in, most easily?

1Freelancing, working from one project to the next while keeping your independance
2Working in a company at the heart of an interactive team
3Working in a company, leading a team, organizing team work
4Being an entrepreneur, with your own studio of independent games

Do you see yourself studying abroad (Canada, France, Japan)?

1Yes, it's essential and you want to do the majority of your studies abroad
2Yes, you'd like to but you wonder about the financial aspect
3Yes, you'd like to but for no more than a year
4No, you'd like to go abroad after your studies for career development
5No, it's not in your immediate plans
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