Summer Camps

Created specifically by ISART’s instructors and taught in English, our summer camps are geared towards 14 to 18 year olds and permit beginners as well as those with experience to come create, experiment, and delve deeper into the passion of art, video games, and 3D-FX cinema.
Summer Camp students benefit from the savoir faire of ISART instructors fresh from the industry, with hours adapted to summer vacation, in the center of Paris and of Montreal.

Take the lead in your future and come join us this summer!  Everyone makes progress! See you this summer !


In Montreal :

Game Design Initiation – 2 weeks – 7/3/17 through 7/14/17

push_game_design-flagLearn to construct an interactive game and balance it so that the player has maximum fun. Accompanied by industry professionals, you will be immersed in video game production





Game Programming Initiation – 2 weeks – 7/3/17 through 7/14/17

push_game_programming-flagGo behind the scenes in programming a video game.  With approachable, industry-standard software, you will give life to your video game!  





3D Art Introduction – 2 weeks – 7/3/17 through 7/14/17


Discover the universe of 3D art through the creation of a 3D animated film clip.





Traditional Illustration Techniques – 1 week – 7/3/17 through 7/7/17


Participate in an artistic project by creating characters and decors for the fantasy universe of a video game.  You will improve your drawing skills through focus on perspective, anatomy, shadowing, lighting, and volumes.




Digital Illustration Techniques (Advanced Level) – 1 week – 7/10/17 through 7/14/17


In this second part of our illustration technique camp, you will explore the infinite possibilities offered by illustration and visual treatment software, such as Illustrator and Photoshop.




In Paris :

Traditional Animation & Character Design (Advanced Level) – 2 weeks – 7/10/17 through 7/21/17

push_chara-design-flagCreate the illusion of life: that is the challenge of this camp.  

Learn advanced anatomy drawing techniques, animation posing and traditional 2D animation.Work with clean-up and inking techniques. Create character model-sheets, attitude and expression boards, and take the plunge into animation!



Game Design Initiation – 2 weeks – 7/10/17 through 7/21/17


Go behind the scenes in the construction of a game: How do you make the rules?  How do you make sure your game is fun?

You will be initiated to game mechanics and will create various mini-projects.  This camp is split into two distinct parts: one week creating a board game and one week creating a mini video game.



Visual Effects – 1 week – 7/17/17 through 7/21/17


Journey into the creation of various visual effects used in films: fireballs, blaster and gun shots, dualizing, disappearances, etc… make things disappear, make two objects collide, create duplicates, and show gunshots trajectories.  Create these visual effects and get experience using compositing and editing techniques. Through a short introduction to photography, you’ll discover how digital cameras and film cameras work.  You will be both an actor (in front of the camera) and a director (behind the scenes).  


Price :

  • Paris

1-week Summer Camp : 300€

2-week Summer Camp : 550€

  • Montreal

1-week Summer Camp : 500 $CA (plus tax)

2-week Summer Camp : 900 $CA (plus tax)