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User Acquisition Manager


The User Acquisition Manager is responsible for driving traffic to an application, game, or website while ensuring the profitability of the operation.

This is mainly done through advertising campaigns such as videos, banners, sponsored links, influencers, etc.

The cost of these campaigns must constantly be balanced with the revenue generated to avoid financing campaigns at a loss.

Main tasks

  • Organize acquisition marketing campaigns across multiple channels and manage relationships with external partners
  • Monitor campaign performance indicators to identify profitable ones
  • Optimize marketing assets such as videos, images, texts, and test them to identify the most effective ones for different campaigns
  • Optimize product presentation pages in online stores (such as Steam or the App Store)
  • Identify target users based on their profiles
  • Redirect acquired users to new products (cross-promotion)

Required skills

Digital marketing

Knowledge of digital marketing concepts, tools, and trends.
Specifically, knowledge of:

  • Analyzing A/B tests
  • Key performance indicators (Lifetime Value, Cost per Install, eCPM, etc.)
  • Programmatic marketing and associated concepts (SSP, DSP, RTB, DMP, etc.)
  • Primary free and paid acquisition channels (SEO, interstitial videos, cross-promotion, pre-roll video, SEA, etc.) and their characteristics
  • Industry trends and how to position oneself in relation to them

Mathematics and Statistics

Basic knowledge of mathematics is required to manipulate figures related to acquisition campaigns. This includes calculating average profitability, ROI, confidence intervals, and mastering probability concepts to evaluate financial risks.

Data visualization and reporting

The User Acquisition Manager uses data visualization as both a management tool for campaigns and to communicate about their work's performance.

You should be capable of creating charts, tables, and data visualizations that communicate complex information clearly and efficiently.

Proficiency with dedicated data visualization software, such as Tableau Software, is a plus.

Required qualities

Here are some of the required soft skills for a User Acquisition Manager:


The User Acquisition Manager is at the heart of relationships with advertising partners. Negotiation skills may be required.

Analytical thinking

The User Acquisition Manager must be able to synthesize different sources of data to make decisions in an uncertain environment. Good analytical skills are appreciated for this position.


Managing marketing campaigns involves significant financial impact. Mistakes can have significant consequences. Rigor and diligence are required to minimize risks.

Culture and monitoring

The User Acquisition Manager must be familiar with the industry and regularly monitor trends. It is important to have a curious mind and stay up-to-date with tools and industry news.


What training is required to become a Game User Acquisition Manager?

ISART Game Business School supports your goal of becoming a User Acquisition Manager, with its two programs:

BBA Game & Creative Manager
High school diploma degree / application + interview
Nice campus

BBA Game & Creative Manager

BBA Game & Creative Manager

3-year program

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MSc Game & Creative Strategy
Bachelor’s degree or equivalent / application + interview
Nice Campus

MSc Game & Creative Strategy

MSc Game & Creative Strategy

2-year program

Discover the MSc right-arrow

Employment trends and growth prospects

Many companies are looking to expand their online presence and increase their number of users.

To succeed in this field, it is essential to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in online advertising, while also having a solid understanding of consumer behaviors and the needs of the business.

Where can a User Acquisition Manager work?

A User Acquisition Manager can work in any organization facing the challenge of acquiring customers through digital marketing. Many sectors are concerned:

  • Video games
  • NGOs
  • Retail
  • Service applications
  • General e-commerce
  • ...