• 20 years

    of pedagogical expertise

  • 100%

    of the teachers come from industry

  • 93%

    of students satisfied with their training



ISART Digital provides professional training with a work-study structure. The latest theoretical teachings are combined with practical experience through collaborative projects within multidisciplinary teams & field experience at the heart of production studios.


The school’s teaching program is constructed around the professional knowledge and skills essential for entering into the industry. Students enjoy great creative freedom. The pedagogical support helps them in their decision-making process.

Soft skills

The acquisition of soft skills is also at the heart of teaching at ISART. Students are trained to successfully integrate into production teams. They learn how to lead a project alone or with others, to work in a team, to manage their time and workload, to communicate in French and English, to meet deadlines...

This knowledge is highly prized by recruiters. These skills contribute greatly to the student's long-term professional success.



ISART Digital offers an alternating work-study structure for a gradual and successful integration into the professional world.

With the exception of full-time years, each week of classes at school is followed by a professional week. This effective framework promotes immersion and experience in the industry.


Professional weeks take several forms: active experience in companies, completing ISART Digital projects, Career Development Initiative, network development, professional masterclasses, educational workshops, etc.


Professional integration

Professional experience is required to approve entry into each sequential year of study and graduation.   The students present their professional experience (internship, professional contract, freelance assignment, etc.) to a jury composed of academic and Career Services staff.

Internships (Paris-Montreal)

Students complete internships during the school year on alternate weeks to the courses or on a full-time basis during the summer.

Internships establish a trilateral relationship between the company, the school and the student.

The internship agreement describes the terms and conditions agreed upon by the three parties.

Professional Contract (Paris)

Professional contracts are possible in the final year or two of the degree programs. This contract is for a fixed or indefinite period.  With this contract, all or part of the school's tuition is covered by the Organismes Paritaires Collecteurs Agréés (OPCA) and the student is paid.


Students and work-study

ISART values real world experience and offers a study rhythm that alternates theoretical courses in the classroom with hands-on work in companies. Throughout their studies, students prepare for their future careers, gradually integrating into company settings and laying the groundwork for their post-graduation professional lives.


DevTester - Internship

Philémon SALERNO

Character Artist - Work/Study

Valentin BOESCH

Junior Cinematic Artist - Work/Study


Game Designer - Internship


Modeler - Work/Study


Layout Artist - Work/Study


Junior Game Designer - Work/Study

Graduate Success Stories

Maxime Lo Ré

Class of 2016

Gameplay Programmer

Romain Le Guillerm

Class of 2014


Julie Sylvestre

Class of 2015

3D Animator

Pascal Chaplais

Class of 2014

Creature FX TD / Rigger

Alison Epron

Class of 2016

Associate Release Manager

Bruno Leveque

Class of 2014

Lead Environment Artist TD

Alexandre Allais

Class of 2017

Game Designer

Cyrile Sanquer

Class of 2017

Associate Producer

Anaïs Dappe

Class of 2015


Andreia Silva

Class of 2017

Concept Artist

Lea Dozoul

Léa Dozoul

Class of 2016

Groom TD

Jessica Koubi

Class of 2009

Pipeline TD


Individualized guidance

Students are regularly monitored and assessed following the criteria defined by state requirements (RNCP or AEC):

  • Validation of technical / professional skills
  • Validation of soft skills
  • Professional readiness
  • An English level equivalent to B2 with the TOEIC



Throughout their studies, students work on projects individually, in pairs or in multidisciplinary teams. Students learn to make production choices, to communicate with each other and to discuss their projects. This allows them to experience and understand the role of teamwork in a studio environment.


Students from the various courses work in constant interaction. Together in teams, they produce video games or 3D-FX animation films (all sounded by  ISART's Music & Sound Design students). These artistic and technical exchanges stimulate student creativity and put them in situations close to professional reality.


Every year the school re-evaluates the relevance of our courses, stemming from a continuous exchange with people in the field (professionals, industry experts, etc.).


Keeping up to date with the market and innovations in technology and techniques allows us to anticipate future trends.


Workshops led by the teaching team are offered in addition to courses. They are accessible to students from a single degree program or various ones depending on the case. These workshops are personalized and aim to support, to develop, and to discover fields of expertise outside of the curriculum, production or R&D.


The year is punctuated by jams putting learning to the test: a week to create a short film or a video game. Students from different years collaborate, creating very strong bonds between them.


Master professional English

Video game and 3D-FX animation professions are practiced all over the world.  Understanding and communicating in English must become natural to evolve in these industries. 


That is why ISART Digital's Active English Department strives to make English a living and interactive subject through theoretical and practical courses, various subject matter related to the industry, conversational exchanges with foreign students, preparation for the TOEIC, presentations in English to juries... Students are effectively prepared to work in an international team.




Our academic team is known for its expertise and passion for teaching. All instructors are experienced experts from the best studios in the industry. They share their savoir-faire with students to foster creativity and to support projects.


They regularly follow up with students on an individual basis. The teaching team is very attentive to ISART students' professional conduct and is in close contact with the Career Services Department, supporting its work with students and studios.