A school of excellence

ISART Digital is a private higher education institute dedicated to preparing students for careers in Video Games, 3D-FX Animation and Music & Sound Design.

ISART holds worldwide recognition among institutions and professionals:

  • Ranked #1 for professional integration in Europe and Quebec (Canada) according to LinkedIn 2019 statistics
  • ISART is one of the best schools in the world and has been ranked #1 by The Rookies, #2 by, #3 by
  • Prestigious awards and selections in video game & 3D-FX animation (UNITY Awards (USA), THE GAME Awards (USA), Annecy (France)...)
  • Degrees accredited by the French government (RNCP level 7) and by the Canadian government (AEC)


A specialized preparation

The video game and 3D FX animation industries are constantly intermingling, influencing and inspiring each other. It’s for this reason that ISART offers courses that include collaborative projects between students across different programs. It’s a definite plus for ISARTians and their future careers, as they are immersed in this culture on a daily basis, as they would be in the industry.

The work-study program

ISART has always placed real-world experience at the heart of its educational system. Our school has opted for a quality educational approach adapted to a work-study structure. With this alternating work-study program, students approach the professional world with much greater serenity and confidence. During the course of their studies, students multiply their experience in companies and naturally enter the industry at the end of their studies.

Successful careers!

ISART's reputation of excellence is mainly based on the employment rate of its graduates. Thanks to our work-study rhythm and high quality of teaching, students naturally join the best video game and 3D animation studios in the world. As a result, ISART is at the top of the alumni rankings in Europe and Quebec.


An indie school

ISART was born from the strategic vision of its founder Xavier Rousselle. Since the school's creation in 2001, it has offered a new and original format for studies: world-class theoretical training provided by industry professionals on an alternating basis in the heart of industry studios.


Today, the school is renowned for the quality of its unique and innovative pedagogy. Free-spirited and with strategic choices, ISART encourages innovation and creativity.  We anticipate developments in the sector to be at the forefront of cutting-edge expertise.



Paris - Montreal - Tokyo

Being a student at ISART Digital means living an experience in the heart of Paris, Montreal or Tokyo, which are among the core cities of the video game and 3D film industry. ISART has chosen these locations to allow students to progress in settings that are rich in cultural exchanges and dynamic on a professional level.

Continuing education, short-term discovery, long-term research etc. students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture and to live varied professional experiences that are crucial to their careers.


A caring community

The school is a place for exchange and listening, which allows our students to flourish, both on a personal and professional level.


Respect, kindness and non-judgement are some of ISART’s key values. All our teams follow this approach.


ISART has also developed a civic policy based around three axes: accessibility (diversity, disabilities, etc.), talent (scholarships, business incubator, etc.) and the environment.



Students use their knowledge to serve civic causes. They use video games or 3D as educational media or new communication tools. The "Leukos War" game was created for the Laurette Fugain Association, in order to raise awareness among young people about platelet and bone marrow donation. The VR video game "Fireman" was developed for the Paris Fire Brigade. "Draw Me Our Dream", a short film about diversity, received the TFOU Animation Prize at the Annecy Film Festival.


ISART Digital promotes diversity in and equal opportunities to the video game and 3D-FX animation professions. The school stays abreast of information and advances inclusive education for students through conferences and partnerships.

The school is a member of Women In Games and Women Animate (Les Femmes s'Animent) and hosts, in partnership with Magic Maker, mother-daughter programming workshops.


The school's premises are designed to accommodate people with reduced mobility (ERP3). If necessary, accommodations are possible (extra time to take the entrance exam, translator during classes in case of hearing impairment, etc.).


ISART will set up a merit-based scholarship system at the beginning of the 2020 academic year. This honorary scholarship enables final-year students in financial difficulty to complete their studies. The scholarship will be funded by ISART and by partner companies willing to help talented students in difficulty.


An internal committee has been set up with the aim of sustainable development.  They take action by making concrete proposals and applying them within the school, such as recycling.