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Relationships of trust

ISART Digital enjoys a privileged relationship with the professional world.

All year long, the school multiplies meetings with professionals who come to meet and advise students, share their passion and know-how, and discuss trends and developments in the industry.

  • ISART Connect

  • Sponsorship

  • ISART Talents

  • Development Councils

  • The alumni network

ISART's annual event brings together students and professionals from the video game, film and sound design industries for a week.


Renowned professionals come to share their passion and know-how during conferences and masterclasses.


ISART CONNECT also allows students to attend round tables on current topics related to their future careers.
The event ends with a recruitment day for internships and work-study programs.

Each Final Year Project (Masters 1 and 2 3D Cinema) is accompanied by a professional until its final realization. The students were sponsored by: BUF, Mathematic, Method Animation, Cube Creative, Illumination Mac Guff, La Station Animation, The Yard VFX, Mikros Animation, Superprod, TeamTo...


These professionals are committed to follow the students and help them, by their great experience, to concretize their final films.

The ISART TALENTS event closes the students' schooling: two days that constitute a springboard towards active life, with the presentation of
of their Final Year Projects to industry professionals and the opportunity to interview for a first job.
The "Grand Prix" is awarded on this occasion.


ISART Digital welcomes professionals from renowned studios.

Development councils are organized regularly within the school.


They bring together industry professionals and ISART teams: management, pedagogy, and corporate relations.


These are privileged moments of exchange to ensure that the needs of the studios are perfectly matched with the skills implemented by the students during their training.


Industry trends and developments are also at the heart of the discussions.

The Alumni actively participate in the life of the school. They are regularly invited to events to share their experiences with the Isartian people.


The Alumni are united in the Alumni Association whose role is to strengthen professional and friendly links between Isartians. The France, Canada and Japan branches ensure the Association's missions abroad.

Pro network

Long-term relationships

The pros talk about ISART

ISART is 20 years old!

ISART is 20 years old!

His partners wish him a happy birthday

Amplitude Studios

Amplitude Studios

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EPIC Games

EPIC Games

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BUF Compagnie

BUF Compagnie

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"The projects have a complete game experience with a very high level of quality"

Luis Cataldi

Global Education Evangelist


"The students' assets are the training, the corporate experience and the projects!"

Amandine Dobrowolski

Talent Acquisition & Campus Management Specialist


"ISART is a major player in 3D animation training"

Amélie Paraiso

Head of Recruitment