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Your browsing and use of the website, hereinafter referred to as the Site, are governed by the present legal notices in their latest published version, which includes the rules of use to be respected as well as all required information.


Any Internet user accessing the Site is required to comply with all the terms stipulated below. We therefore invite you to read it. Any effective navigation within the Site will presuppose full and unreserved acceptance by the Internet user.


The Site is owned and operated by ISART Digital, a limited liability company with a capital of €5,945.50, registered in the Paris Trade Register under number 421 967 498, with its registered office at 62 rue Damrémont - 75018 Paris - France.


For any request for information or comments regarding the Site and its content, you can contact the following people:


The hosting of the Site is provided by:

  • OVH, a SAS with a capital of 10,000,000 euros, registered in the Roubaix Tourcoing trade register under number 424 761 419 00045, with its registered office at 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France
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Intellectual Property of the Contents

All content published on the Site, including but not limited to, any text, photo, image, video, film, brand, logo, application and functionality are protected by intellectual property rights or intellectual assets belonging to the Company, without territorial limitation. The Company holds the rights, if any, of the authorizations of use attached to all the contents.


The Company takes all necessary measures to publish content while respecting the rights of third parties.


Nevertheless, if it appears that despite all the precautions taken, you notice the publication of content on which you hold rights without your authorization being required, we invite you to contact us in order to resolve this point.


The navigation and use of the Site by the internet user are carried out for strictly personal and private purposes giving the sole right to view the content, excluding any download, reproduction, adaptation, distribution, exploitation, representation, resale, use for commercial or non-commercial purposes.


Any reproduction of content for information purposes must obtain the Company's prior authorization and clearly mention the credits and the source of the Content.

The presence within the site of functionality and/or application allowing the sharing of content within third party platforms, and in particular social networks, constitutes prior authorization for information purposes subject to the use of said functionalities/applications.


Any failure to comply with these provisions may give rise to legal proceedings for the purpose of obtaining any damages and/or finding that a counterfeiting offence has been committed.

Links to Third Party Websites

The Site may contain hyperlinks to third party websites not governed by this legal notice. These links are provided to you for information purposes only and cannot in any way imply a link between the Company and third party websites.


It is therefore up to each Internet user to read the legal notices and other conditions applicable to the specific use of these third-party sites. The Company shall in no event be held liable for the content of the third party site, the conditions of its use by its owner and the damage that may be suffered as a result.


Third party websites may include hyperlinks to the Site, on their own initiative after prior authorization by the Company, but this does not imply any link with the Company. Any content and use of these third-party websites may under no circumstances bind the Company exclusively by these legal notices governing the sole use of the Site.


Any failure to comply with these provisions may give rise to legal proceedings for the purpose of obtaining any damages and/or finding that the counterfeiting offence has been committed.


The Company takes all necessary measures to publish current and correct content, and to carry out any updates that may be necessary, in order to allow access and navigation under the best conditions for the Internet user.


However, it is still possible that the Site may contain viewing or graphic errors or contain information that may be inaccurate or obsolete. The Company therefore does not undertake to publish exhaustive, up-to-date and error-free content.


It is the responsibility of each browser to ensure the conformity and accuracy of the information published, and the Company cannot be held liable for any damage suffered as a result of the use of the content of the Site.


In this context, the Company may modify the Site and its content at any time, and does not guarantee the Internet user the accessibility of the entire Site at any time, without interruption, in a timely, secure and error-free manner.


Under no circumstances does the Company guarantee to make available to Internet users a space and/or devices allowing them to publish any content within the Site. In this context, it may remove such a device at any time without notice.


In view of the risks inherent in the use of the Internet, the Company takes appropriate measures to secure the Site. However, the Company cannot guarantee secure use and navigation on the Site and cannot therefore be held liable for any damage that may have been suffered by an Internet user during his navigation, in particular but not exclusively due to any unfair and fraudulent action by third parties.


Under no circumstances may the Company be held liable to third parties and Internet users for any damage suffered, or for any infringement of their rights, in the event that the damage is caused by the attitude of an Internet user who violates these terms. However, it will do its utmost within the limits of its resources to put an end to the damage that will be officially notified to it in the required manner.


This legal notice is subject to the law relating to data processing, files and freedoms of 06/01/1978 and any disputes concerning in particular their application and interpretation will be presented before the competent court.

Privacy Policy

The Company is sensitive to the privacy of Internet users using and browsing the Site. In this context, it undertakes to comply with the legislation in force relating to personal data, namely the law on data processing, files and freedoms of 06/01/1970.

The purpose of this charter is to inform Internet users about the information concerning them that may be collected and the purposes of such collection.

The use and navigation on the Site by Internet users do not require the prior collection of information concerning them (for any question relating to cookies refer to the following article).

However, the use of certain features or applications may require the transmission of personal data, such as a subscription to a newsletter or a contact form. The Site may also reserve access to certain sections for Internet users registered with the Site as users, a registration requiring the communication of personal data.

It is specified on this point that under no circumstances are Internet users' data collected without obtaining the prior express authorization of the Internet user of the opt-in type.


Below are listed the forms and functionalities/applications that can collect the Internet user's data with the latter's authorization and the purpose pursued.



Candidate registration form


It is specified that the Company is the sole recipient of the data collected.

The data collected and processed are hosted in the European Union, and will not be transmitted to any third country that does not have the adequate level of protection determined in accordance with the applicable law without the prior authorization of the Internet user.

The Company takes all necessary measures to secure the data thus collected and processed in order to guarantee their confidentiality, integrity and accuracy. These commitments are also made by any recipient of the data and any subcontractors who may be involved in the processing of the data.

In compliance with the legislation in force, i.e. the law <title, date and nationality> each Internet user has at the Company:

  1. a right of communication and access: you can obtain communication of the data collected and processed concerning you;
  2. a right of rectification: in the event of inaccuracy of this information, you may request that it be rectified, completed or deleted;
  3. a right of opposition and deletion: you can demand at any time that your data be stopped and deleted.

These rights may be exercised by simple written request sent by email to or by written mail to the Company at the address specified above in this document. The Company will do its utmost to respond favorably to the exercise of these rights by Internet users within the framework defined by law.

In the presence of data relating to minors, these rights may be exercised by the legal representatives of minors on their behalf.


Cookies Used, Your Information and Rights


To ensure optimal use and navigation of the Site, the Company uses Cookies for the following purposes only:

  • Display the Site in the language of your choice, and keep this information on a future visit if necessary.
  • Ensure the proper functionality and display of all services and content on the Site.
  • To compile statistical data relating in particular to audience, unique visits and traffic.

The Cookies we use are small text files identified by a unique number that are stored on your computer through your browser software. The information collected and processed by this file is anonymous and does not under any circumstances identify the Internet user browsing the Site.

No personal data is collected or processed through Cookie. Any collection of personal data on the Site is carried out exclusively under the conditions mentioned in the previous article "Privacy Policy".


You have the possibility to configure your browser software to, as the case may be, generally oppose the affixing of cookies on your computer, to be alerted before any affixing in order to give or not your consent, as well as to delete any agreement previously granted.

It should be noted that any refusal by Cookie may result in the loss of use of certain features and/or services on the site, or even the display of content on the Site and sub-optimal browsing.


With regard to the compilation of statistical data, the Company uses cookies from third party operators for the purpose of analyzing in a consolidated and anonymous manner the visits and browsing observed and thus identifying any points of optimization of the Site.

They thus make it possible to obtain for analysis purposes, excluding any data identifying an Internet user: the address of your Internet service provider, the browser software you use (e. g. Explorer or Safari), the time and duration of your visit, the pages you have visited.

These cookies are those developed under Google Analytics and their characteristics are detailed in the table below, including the length of time the information collected is kept, excluding any personal data.


For more information on these cookies, we invite you to read the explanations issued by the operator Google at the following address:

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