• 2d school in the world

    in professional integration and students projects (source GAMEducation world ranking)

  • 91%

    Employment rate 3 years after graduation

  • 1700



towards employment

ISART Digital offers a renowned top-tier work-study program, allowing students to work at the heart of creative studios.


To guide students in their professional integration, the Career Services Department sets up a personalized support service with each student.


ISART's privileged links with industry players are an essential factor in facilitating this professional integration.


Mastering professional practices

The Careers Service guides students on their professional path.


They pass on good practices for working in a professional environment, and ensure that they have been taken on board over the course of lessons, workshops, personalised coaching and monitoring during work placements.




The quality of student’s professional behaviour is evaluated and leads to the grading of socio-professional skills. This grade counts towards admission into the next year of study or the eventual awarding of the degree.


At the end of the study program, students will know how to behave professionally and work autonomously to manage their career.


Students have several hours of class led by Career Services Representatives every month.  The classes target various subjects: introducing the sectors of the industry, the different professions, the job market, social networks...


In small groups, Career Services Representatives explore topics seen in class in greater depth: résumé creation, role-playing the recruitment interview, or other pertinent themes (e.g. going to work abroad).


Students and Career Services Representatives meet to assess the student's individual professional objectives and their achievement.


All professional experience (internships, professional contracts, various assignments) is subject to rigorous monitoring. Reviews take place in the company with the student's internship supervisor to ensure that the professional integration process is running smoothly (i.e., student's activity, responsibilities, progress, etc.).


ISART student success

ISART values real world experience and offers a study rhythm that alternates theoretical courses in the classroom with hands-on work in companies. Throughout their studies, students are prepared for their future careers, gradually integrating into company settings and laying the groundwork for their post-graduation professional lives.


DevTester - Internship

Philémon SALERNO

Character Artist - Work/Study

Valentin BOESCH

Cinematic Artist Junior - Work/Study


Game Designer - Intership


Modeler - Work/Study


Layout Artist - Work/Study


Junior Game Designer - Work/Study


Maxime Lo Ré

Class of 2016

Gameplay Programmer

Romain Le Guillerm

Class of 2014


Julie Sylvestre

Class of 2015

3D Animator

Pascal Chaplais

Class of 2014

Creature FX TD / Rigger

Alison Epron

Class of 2016

Associate Release Manager

Bruno Leveque

Class of 2014

Lead Environment Artist TD

Alexandre Allais

Class of 2017

Game Designer

Cyrile Sanquer

Class of 2017

Associate Producer

Anaïs Dappe

Class of 2015


Andreia Silva

Class of 2017

Concept Artist

Lea Dozoul

Léa Dozoul

Class of 2016

Groom TD

Jessica Koubi

Class of 2009

Pipeline TD


International meetings with professionals

ISART Digital enjoys a privileged relationship with the professional world. Throughout the year, many professionals come to meet and advise the students, share their passion and expertise, and discuss industry trends and developments.


The end of student's studies is marked by a day of graduation project presentations to industry professionals. The "Grand Prix du Jury" is awarded at this event.

ISART welcomes prestigious jury presidents from the best studios: Ubisoft, Dreamworks, Blizzard Entertainment, MPC, Anuman, DontNod Entertainment, Kylotonn, Amplitude Studios, TF1, Cube Creative, 2 Minutes, Illumination Mac Guff, Media Molecule, TeamTo, Digixart…


Professionals mentor the graduation projects (3D Cinema Animation & Cinema 3D-FX Masters Years 1&2) until completion.  Pros from BUF, Mathematic, Method Animation, Cube Creative, Illumination Mac Guff, Studio 100 Animation, The Yard VFX, Mikros Animation, and Superprod have mentored students.  These professionals are committed to following students' progress and help them, with their extensive experience, to make the graduation films a reality.


Renowned professionals come to share their passion and know-how through conferences and masterclasses.  ISART hosts professionals from Dreamworks, Pixar, Nintendo, Studio 100 Animation, MPC, Cinesite, Gameloft, Double Negative, Buf, Asobo Studio, Persistant Studios, Framestore, Cyanide Studio, DontNod Entertainment, Ubisoft…


ISART CONNECT offers students the chance to meet with professionals in France and from all over the world in the video game, 3D-FX film and music & sound design industries. This day is dedicated to recruitment and conferences to discover the recruitment strategies of partner companies.


ISART regulary organizes Advisory Councils within the school. We bring together industry professionals and ISART Management, Academics, and Career Services. These are privileged moments of exchange, ensuring that the skills our students learn are perfectly matched to the needs of the studio. Industry trends and developments are also at the heart of these discussions.


Alumni actively participate in the life of the school. They are regularly invited to events to share their experiences with ISART students.  The Alumni Association aims to strengthen professional connections and friendship between ISART students and graduates.  The French, Canadian and Japanese branches carry out the Association's missions throughout the world.

Students at Ubisoft

Students at Ubisoft

Students at Ubisoft
ISART Connect, ISART's speed recruiting day

ISART Connect, ISART's speed recruiting day

ISART Connect, ISART's speed recruiting day
Blizzard Masterclass

Blizzard Masterclass

Blizzard Masterclass
Visiting Framestore in Montreal

Visiting Framestore in Montreal

Visiting Framestore in Montreal
Visiting MPC in Montreal

Visiting MPC in Montreal

Visiting MPC in Montreal
Video game end-of-year jury at ISART Montreal

Video game end-of-year jury at ISART Montreal

Video game end-of-year jury at ISART Montreal
Video game end-of-year jury at ISART Paris

Video game end-of-year jury at ISART Paris

Video game end-of-year jury at ISART Paris
3D-FX animation and music & sound design end-of-year jury at ISART Paris

3D-FX animation and music & sound design end-of-year jury at ISART Paris

3D-FX animation and music & sound design end-of-year jury at ISART Paris
Ubisoft Qc Masterclass at ISART Montreal

Ubisoft Qc Masterclass at ISART Montreal

Ubisoft Qc Masterclass at ISART Montreal


links within the industry

What the pros say about ISART

"Students are taught to finish work at a high level of quality"

Luis Cataldi

Global Education Evangelist

"ISART students advantages are the hard skills they're taught, the work-integrated program they follow and their projects!"

Amandine Dobrowolski

Talent Acquisition & Campus Management Specialist

"ISART Digital is a major actor in 3D animation education "

Amélie Paraiso

Head of Recruitment

"The system of spending a week at ISART and a week at a company is really interesting "

Tom Reed

Head of rigging

"The work-integrated program is a really added value "

Halima Bousaidi

Talent Acquisition Manager


"What students manage to accomplish with their graduation movies is very impressive"

Kristof Serrand

Head of Character Animation


"ISART Digital is one of our top educational partners"

Oskar Guilbert


"It's great to have talents graduating from ISART and already knowing what working in a studio means"

Kevin Pacini

Coordinateur Post-Prod

"Students follow a very great program which completely matches the requirements of our industry "

Julien Billard

Talent Acquisition Manager

"Buf is always looking for talents and we find those talents at ISART "

Olivier Gilbert

Associate Director