Continuous improvement

ISART has put a Quality strategy in place and is committed to continuous improvement. Our aim is to deliver high-quality video game and 3D-VFX film degree courses, linked closely to the needs of the fast-moving film and video game industry.


The school draws on its expertise: an original educational project, internationally recognised, strong connections with the industry and its institutional network, support for entrepreneurship and emerging talent.


ISART draws on efficient governance and fixes independent quality objectives, monitored using performance indicators.




Successful governance

Corporate governance aims to improve the school’s performance and consequently improve student and partner satisfaction.


ISART has a series of rules defining the school’s strategy in line with its mission, values and vision.


The governing bodies involve each stakeholder in the ISART project and collect their opinions: students, alumni, businesses, executive management, management team and employees.



ISART team

  • Executive Committee

Made up of the Directors of each department, it decides on strategy and the organisation of the school, and reviews files. Meets twice monthly.


  • Learning and Teaching Committee

Made up of Executive managers, Quality manager, Heads of faculty, it decides on course content, research and pedagogical monitoring. Meets twice monthly.



  • Graduate Studies and Student Life Council

This Council discusses, advises and makes suggestions concerning all aspects of the organisation of graduate studies and student life (policy & rules, organisation of the academic year, reception conditions, associations, evaluation of the syllabus).


  • Syllabus Evaluation Councils

Students carry out a full self-assessment of each course syllabus.

Combined with other results (situations analyses, alumni feedback…) these evaluations trigger an action plan. This establishes measures to be taken to continue to guarantee the excellent quality of teaching and learning at ISART Digital.


Industry professionals

  • Les Conseils de Perfectionnement

Le conseil de perfectionnement a pour objectif de s’assurer de l’adéquation et de l’évolution des formations conformément aux attentes des secteurs professionnels. Il se réunit annuellement.

Il existe un conseil de perfectionnement par formation.


  • Le Conseil de la Recherche

Il a pour objectif de fixer les axes prioritaires de sujets de recherche pour l’établissement (équipes enseignantes et étudiants) en partenariat avec les entreprises du secteur, leurs laboratoires et des laboratoires ou enseignants chercheurs d’autres établissements.


Performance indicators

ISART is committed to offering its students the best learning environment, drawing on a teaching and learning team made up of experts in video games and animation 3D-VFX.


The school has set reliable and quantifiable performance indicators to evaluate its efficiency and effectiveness in accomplishing its goals.


  • 97% of our graduating students were awarded their degree in 2019
  • 82% of recent graduates in employment 6 months following their graduation
  • 92% employment rate overall
  • 95% of students satisfied with their training