ISART & Japan : a success story

In order to develop the international cultural awareness of ISART students, the school has developed partnerships with two prestigious Japanese institutions.

Prestigious Partnerships

March 2008
ISART signed its first partnership with Niigata Computer College, a video game school which has received numerous awards at the Tokyo Game Show.
This partnership has allowed our students to take part in month-long exchanges and to participate in the Tokyo Game Show, one of the largest video game conventions in the world. Our students can obtain a dual degree from ISART and from NCC.
December 2015
ISART DIGITAL continued expanding internationally through a partnership with the Tokyo University of Technology. This partnership, which has sparked many intense and creative interactions, has also confirmed the common interest of our two institutions to work together in the long term.


A real success for our students

Every year we organize a four-week linguistic and cultural exchange with our partner institutions. Professional and personal relationships rapidly form between our students and the students in Japan. The exchange always concludes with a trip to Tokyo, where the students have the opportunity to get involved in the Tokyo Game Show. This year, once again, ISART DIGITAL’s student projects were presented at the NCC booth, where they were highly appreciated by many industry professionals.

Over 100 ISART students have been able to explore Japan and get to know the Japanese gaming industry through this enriching experience.
More than twenty of our alumni work in some of the most prestigious Japanese companies, such as BANDAI-NAMCO, SONY, NINJA EGG, and many others.
Thanks to our exchanges, they were prepared for the different working environment in Japan. Future ISART students will no doubt benefit from the professional experience and network of our alumni in Japan, primarily based in Tokyo.

  • Ahmin Hafidi – Game Design Alumnus
    In Japan since 2012
    Game Designer at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio
  • Martin Schemidt – Game Design Alumnus
    In Japan since 2011
    Game Designer and Project Manager at Platinum Egg Inc.
  • Audry Vasseaux – Game Art Alumna
    In Japan since 2014
    CG Designer at SF Graphics Inc
  • Lucas Jouvenot – Game Design Alumnus
    In Japan since 2013
    Game Designer at Bandai Namco, and Level Designer at Lost Reavers
  • Eddie Barreau – Game Design Alumnus
    In Japan since 2010
    Game Creator at Gloops