Game Design & Programming

Design and develop video games
Length Paris: 4 years (Preparatory year + 2 years Game Design & Programming studies + 1 year Game Design & Programming specialization)
Rhythm: Preparatory year full time / Every subsequent year cooperative education
Prerequisites for admission: High school diploma, portfolio and interview


  • Learning to create and design video games for the web and mobile (iOS, Androïd)
  • Mastering game design methodology, video game technologies and development tools. Using them for video game projects, social games, advertising games or serious games
  • Putting a game online on a commercial platform
  • Creating games in partnership with students from other video game streams


Milestones ISART, juillet 2014

Milestones ISART, juillet 2014


Gameplay programmer, Game Designer, Level Designer, Web & mobile progammer ( Html5, JS, Unity3D, C#, Haxe, PHP, NodeJS )…


  • Gameplay balancing
  •  Ergonomics, UI/UX
  •  F2P social games, monetization principles
  •  Quality assurance and gameplay testing
  •  Writing game design documents
  •  Introduction to programming, OOP, 2D & 3D maths
  •  Development of 2D games in Flash, Html5/Javascript, DOM/CSS, Haxe/Phaser
  •  Development of 3D games in C# with Unity 3D middleware and with webGL
  •  Serverside development of multi-player games in PHP & NodeJS
  •  Numerous individual and multidisciplinary team projects
  •  Project management (SCRUM)
  •  Entrepreneurship
  •  Introduction to 2D & 3D CG art
  •  English
  •  Support in starting your career


David Rousset / Microsoft

"An incredible school and fantastic French video game projects."