Game Design

Invent and fine-tune gameplay mechanics
Lenght Montreal : 3 years (2 years Game Design studies + 1 year specialization)
Lenght Paris: 4 years (3 years Game Design studies + 1 year specialization)
Rhythm: Preparatory year full time / Every subsequent year, cooperative education
Prerequisites for admission: High school diploma, portfolio and interview


  • Acquiring the writing and design techniques necessary for video games
  • Assimilating production methods for video games
  • Mastering development tools and the latest technology used in the industry
  • Creating games in joint projects with students from other video game fields




Game Designer, Level Designer, Interaction Designer, System Designer, Narrative Designer, Game Content Manager, Lead Game Designer, Lead Level Designer, Creative Director


  • Game design
  •  Innovation in gameplay
  •  Level design
  •  Oral presentation of game projects
  •  Adapting games to the audience
  •  Monetization principles
  •  Introduction to other professions in the video game industry
  •  Teamwork skills
  •  Balancing gameplay systems
  •  Mastering desktop applications
  •  Writing game design documents
  •  Game Design Schematics
  •  Using middleware (Unity, UDK…)
  •  Quality assurance and gameplay testing
  • English
  • Support in starting your career
Simon Darveau / Ubisoft

"ISART DIGITAL trains the talents of tomorrow! The students are creative, curious and respond perfectly to the needs of the market. The passion and professionalism of ISART DIGITAL students allows them to work easily in production teams and to contribute effectively to their projects. It's the school I would have loved to go to!"