Game Programming

Program video games
Montreal & Paris
Lenght: 4 years (3 years Game Programming studies +1 year Game Programming specialization)
Rhythm: 2 years full time then 2 years cooperative education
Prerequisites for admission: High school diploma, portfolio and interview


  • Learn to structure code
  •  Master technologies: C++, OpenGL and many other video game engines
  •  Learn how to work on a multidisciplinary team
  •  Know how to maintain a technological watch

Salon Futur en Seine, stand ecole Isart Digital, formation aux metiers du Jeu Video et de l'Animation 3D


Software Developer, C++ Developer, .NET Developer, Gameplay Developer, Tool Developer, Engine Developer…


  • C++/C#
  •  3D engine architecture
  •  OpenGL
  •  Create games from scratch
  •  Integrate specialized frameworks in a game engine
  •  Create an entire game engine
  •  Hands-on experience with game engines from the industry
  •  Tool development
  •  Gameplay development
  •  Virtual/augmented reality
  • English
  • Support in starting your career

David Rousset / Microsoft

"An incredible school and fantastic French video game projects."