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Game Artist - Job description

What is a Game Artist?


The Game Artist designs and produces the graphic universe of a video game project by following the artistic direction and taking into account the technical and functional constraints of the game.

He/she masters the work methods used in the studio, from pre-production to post-production, and implements a market watch and 3D project productions.

He/she creates 2D and 3D real time, universes, character animation, photography, filming, editing, rigging.

Finally, the Game Artist develops the promotional elements of the game.

What are the missions of a Game Artist?

The Game Artist or 3D video game designer is responsible for the production and quality of the game's visual elements. He can intervene on the scenery (environment), textures, characters (character design), objects or even lighting effects and special effects sometimes.

He/she carries out documentary research to immerse him/herself in the chosen universe, prepare his/her designs, analyze the constraints and meet the requirements of the game's graphic and technical charter.

He/she uses 2D and 3D graphic design software (Photoshop, Painter, 3DS Max, Maya, etc.) adapted to the technologies commonly used in the video game industry (software, game engines, consoles, etc.), as well as tools for editing a level and integrating content.

Throughout the production process, he/she ensures that each graphic element fulfills its function within the video game in accordance with the constraints of the engines.

What qualities are required to become a Game Artist?

Certain qualities (soft skills) are important to recruiters. These social, human and behavioral qualities can be innate, but they can also be developed thanks to relationships with people around you, experience acquired at school or in the professional world.

To become a Game Artist, it is important to :

  • Know how to work in a team, the development of a video game involves collaborations with several trades: Producing, Game Design, Game Programming...
  • Know how to communicate effectively with your team to promote productive collaboration, avoid misunderstandings or resolve conflicts
  • Be able to defend your ideas and artistic choices to the team and the Art Director or Lead Game Artist
  • Demonstrate creativity and imagination in order to feed and evolve your artistic proposals
  • Know how to manage stress and deadlines
  • Adapt to the evolutions and innovations inherent to the video game industry
Game Story

Game Story

Flore LEMOINE, Game Artist on the game «Katanga»

Game Story

Game Story

Nicolas Tham, Game Artist on the game "A.L.F.R.E.D."

Game Story

Game Story

Perrine Lonzinguez & Charlotte Couderc : Game Artists on the game "Naraa, le livre augmenté"

How to become a Game Artist?

What questions should you ask yourself before becoming a Game Artist?

To make sure that this profession is well adapted to your interests and your professional aspirations, here are some questions that can help you think about it:

  • Are you sensitive to the aesthetic quality of the sets and characters in a video game?
  • Are you passionate about graphic design and 3D images?
  • Would you like to work with 3D modeling software, such as 3ds Max, Maya, Blender...?
  • Do you have a good understanding of 3D model design, texture, lighting and animation in video games?
  • Are you willing and able to work in a team?

What post-bac education is required to become a game artist?

For 20 years, ISART has been helping students to realize their professional projects and is recognized for its expertise in the video game industry.

ISART's Game Artist training leads to the RNCP level 7 title "Expert in digital design, 3D animation and special effects".

It is possible to follow the Game Art training in France in Paris and Nice, and in Canada in Montreal.

Bachelor Game Art - 3rd year

Raphaël DOPPIA

Bachelor Game Art - 3rd year

Bachelor Game Art - 3rd year
Bachelor Game Art - 2d year


Bachelor Game Art - 2d year

Bachelor Game Art - 2d year
Bachelor Game Art -2d year


Bachelor Game Art -2d year

Bachelor Game Art -2d year

What studies to become a Game Artist?

Do you want to work in France in the cities of Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon or anywhere in the world?

ISART, the video game school, trains students in the design and production of video game graphic universes, with the Game Art program.

At ISART, students receive professional training that combines:

  • Theoretical teaching in class
  • Practical application through collaborative projects with several professions = project-based teaching
  • Field experience in the heart of production studios
  • A work-study program on the Paris and Montreal campuses

The school's educational programs focus on learning the "core" professional knowledge and skills required to enter the industry. They also develop soft skills, which are highly sought after by studios (ability to work in a team, to meet deadlines, to manage stress and conflicts, to communicate...).

Students have a great deal of creative freedom and can work in each artistic specialty of a project in 2D and 3D real time.

The pedagogical supervision helps to make the right decisions.

Which art school to become a Game Artist?

ISART is ranked #1 game school in Europe (source GAMEducation 2022). Its reputation as a school of excellence is based on :

  • Its ranking among the best schools in the world (GAMEducation, the Rookies,,
  • A real placement rate of 94% upon graduation (last 3 graduating classes)
  • The quality of student projects, regularly rewarded by national and international prizes (Pegasus, Unity Awards, IGF...)
  • The diploma delivered by the school: RNCP level 7 Expert in digital design, 3D animation and special effects
  • The legitimacy of the school and its 20 years of teaching expertise
Jeanne Plounevez

Jeanne Plounevez

Game Art Master's



Alumni Game Art



Game Art Master's


Which companies recruit Game Artists?

The Game Artist mainly works for private video game development companies. These companies can be of varying sizes, independent or under the leadership of a publisher.

He can also intervene and work in other fields that use technologies specific to real-time 3D (virtual reality applications, 3D simulation...), or illustration.

Opinions of the students

"For me, there are several strong points, the pedagogy and the speakers are great, we really have quality classes. They have a lot of patience and it's a chance to have professionals like that at the school."

Cover_Avis Alumni amplitude

"I always wanted to turn my passion into a real job. ISART Digital allowed me to acquire the skills of the video game artistic professions. At the same time, I was able to make my mark and blossom within Ubisoft under a professionalization contract. Alternating school and company led me to work on many projects and thus multiply the opportunities to discover and learn new things.

Cover_Avis Alumni Eidos

Opinions of the professionals

Anne DEVOUASSOUX | Executive Producer | KYLOTONN


"I was impressed by the quality of finish of the projects I was able to test. ISART Digital students show true technical and creative mastery. The quality of finish on the work is professional level."

Cover_Avis Pros_Kylotoon



"Our studio has had a privileged relationship with ISART for many years. The quality and expertise of the teaching guarantee quality profiles upon graduation. For us, ISART is a very good school!"

Cover_Avis Pros Dontnod

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