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Paris Rouge

Paris Rouge

End of Year Project - class of 2015

the film

In 1945, after numerous tensions, both powers erected a wall alongside the Seine, dividing the city in two blocs: the North one, Soviet, and the South one, French. Nowadays, a father and his daughter try escaping the oppression of Communist Paris by seizing some Russian military technology that will allow them to reach the French side.


S. Bance, W. Bobant, T. Cureaux, J. Durand, M. Farvacque, P. Lefranc, N. Le Gall et P. Parneix

Music & Sound Design

P. Barret, G. Dalmasso, A. Faton, L. Fillebeen, D. Guinot, K. Sola et L. Verderosa

Paris Rouge