ISART DIGITAL receives awards overseas

The originality and quality of the projects of ISART DIGITAL students are widely recognised by professionals in the video game and 3D animation fields. The school has received over 120 awards.

ISART DIGITAL: where video game and 3D animation projects come to life

From their first year in the school, students work on mini projects in video games or 2D / 3D animation.

The final-year students all work on a graduation project that is presented to professionals in the field: milestones, juries, national and international competitions, festivals….

The professors support the students throughout their course, encouraging the development of innovative and creative projects that will interest players in the video game and animation sectors.

Over 120 awards

The quality of ISART DIGITAL students’ projects is regularly recognized and rewarded. Our students have won over 120 awards through different international competitions. (Siggraph, Disney-PIXAR, Unity, SACD, ARTE TV, 3D3, Imagina, Hitsplaytime, Le Monde…)



POILUS “Best Character Animation”, Aniwow Festival 2016 – Honorable Mention ‘Art Direction’, SPARK ANIMATION Festival 2016. LILY ‘Best Student Game’ Prize, Ping Awards 2016. SKYBOLT ZACK ‘Best Student Game’ Prize, Ping Awards 2016. GRAVELAND Young Jury Prize, International Fantasy Film Festival of Audincourt 2016 – International Production Prize, Quebec Student Film Festival 2016. THE LITTLE SHOEMAKER Animation Prize, Casablanca Student Film Festival 2015 – ‘Best of the Festival’ Prize, Grenada Afterglow Film Festival 2016. L3.0 Best Student Movie, Siggraph 2015 – « Panam Anim Prize » 2014 –  « Rififi dans les écoles d’animation Prize », Festival ‘Court Devant’ 2014 – Red Carpet Prize, Amiens Short Film Festival 2015 – Jury Prize, ‘Etang d’Art’ Short Film Festival 2015 – Best Animated Short, Cergy Pontoise Festival 2015 – Jury Prize, Angoulême Short Film Festival 2015. THE RIFT U.R.I.D.I.S Best Student Project, Unity Awards 2014. GIANTS Sound Design Prize, Casual Game Cup 2014. IT’S MY STORY Grand Prix, Casual Game Cup 2014 – Best Game Prize selected by professionals, Casual Game Cup 2014. PATCHWORK Special Jury Prize, Animoyeuvre Festival 2014. IL CREATORE Jury Prize ‘Student contest’, Web Program Festival 2013 –“Professional Category” Prize, “Les Ustensiles” Festival 2013. Ludivine Lahaeye Pixar-Disney Art Challenge Prize 2013. NEXUS Gameplay Prize, Hitsplaytime 2012. MOTHERSHIP Mobile Prize, Hitsplaytime 2012. REBURST Internauts Prize, Hitsplaytime 2012. POULET FREE Audience Prize, Festival ‘Ciné Poeme’ 2012. KYUB Special GDC Europe Prize, SACD 2011. Dessine-moi notre rêve TFOU Animation Prize, TF1 Competition 2011. LES BOURBIER 2nd Prize, Athens Animfest 2011. L’HERBORISTE Best Sound Prize, ‘ Sur les pas de mon oncle’ Festival 2011. DERAPAGE NH Bank Puchon Branch Prize, PISAF Festival 2011. BROOKLYN ZOO Animation Prize, Festima 2010. ALDEA Special Prize, ‘Festival du jeu vidéo’, SACD competition 2010. HAIRCUT Graphic Design Prize, 3D3 competition 2010. POLARIZE Gameplay Prize, 3D3 competition 2010. HAYASA Special 3DVIA Virtools Prize, 3D3 competition 2010. TWO HANDS Storyline Prize, 3D3 competition 2010. STASE Special 3DVIA Virtools Prize, 3D3 competition 2009 – Sound Prize, 3D3 competition 2009. GERMINALIEN Storyline Prize, 3D3 competition 2009. GARE AUX GOUROUS Gameplay Prize, 3D3 competition 2009. COLORIZE SCAD Prize 2009. TCA  « Grand Prix », E-magiciens 2008 – Special 3DVIA Virtools Prize, 3D3 competition 2008. MINOTAURE « Grand Prix », 3D3 competition 2008. JAPAN’S CANTED Special ARTE TV Prize, 3D3 competition 2008. NIOUK NIOUK Gameplay Prize, 3D3 competition 2008.  NANOWAR  1st Prize ‘Whosegame’ by Orange Lab 2008 – SACD Prize, 2008. SHOOT OR RUST 2nd Prize ‘Whosegame’ by Orange Lab 2008 – SACD Prize, 2008. VEGETABLE  FIGHTING 5th Prize ‘Whosegame’ by Orange Lab 2008. BLIND  « Grand Prix », 3D3 competition 2007 – Special Arte TV Prize, 3D3 competition 2007. CLAYATURE Gameplay Prize, 3D3 competition 2007. TEDDY BLASTER Special Virtools Prize, 3D3 competition 2007. Z-PROJECT Storyline Prize, 3D3 competition 2007. COLOR WARZ Gameplay Prize, 3D3 competition 2006. KABUKI  « Grand Prix », 3D3 competition 2006 – Sound Prize, 3D3 competition 2006 – Special Virtools Prize, 3D3 competition 2006 – SACD Prize, 2006. DOLL Storyline Prize, 3D3 competition, 2006 – SACD Prize, 2006 – 1st Prize interactive competition, Laval Vitual 2006. DELIRIUM Gameplay Prize, 3D3 competition 2005. ELEMENTS Graphic Design Prize, 3D3 competition 2005. GOUTTE  « Grand Prix », Imagina Games Awards 2006 –  « Grand Prix », 3D3 competition 2005 – Special Virtools Prize, 3D3 competition 2005 – Honorary Award, Laval Virtual 2006. MONKEY KING Special Animation Prize, “Très Courts” Festival 2005. BIG CHEST BATTLE Graphic Design Prize, 3D3 competition 2004

Alexandre Pelletier-Normand & Simon Lépine / Studio manager, Montreal & Concept/Game Design Lead

"The graduates of ISART DIGITAL Montreal are apt at quickly becoming part of mobile game production teams thanks to their commercially-oriented training, which is based on real market conditions. Gameloft Montreal considers the school as an excellent partner for the recruitment of new Game Designers and for the development of Montreal's video game industry. "