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Brand Manager

What is a Brand Manager?

The job of a Brand Manager (or Brand Leader) is to develop, implement, and monitor the marketing strategy of one or more video games or innovative products of a brand throughout the life cycle of the game/product, from conception to the end of its commercialization.

This involves setting up effective marketing and communication action plans and campaigns to promote the game, analyzing the results of these actions to optimize the marketing strategy, and constantly monitoring the game's performance to ensure its success.

The Brand Manager is responsible for creating a strong brand image that is consistent with the company's values and needs, recognizable by players, and contributes to increasing sales and the game's notoriety.

What is the role of a Brand Manager?

The role of a Brand Manager is to define and implement the product launch strategy until the end of its commercialization.

PAs a marketing professional, the Brand Manager:

  • analyzes market trends, player behaviors, competition initiatives and proposes adjustments to their marketing strategy if necessary
  • positions the brand across all games and derivatives, target market segments, pricing, distribution channels, etc.
  • develops internal and external communication campaigns with the communication department
  • develops media and advertising campaigns to promote the brand and games: defining key messages, communication channels, and suitable advertising media to reach target audiences
  • orchestrates the brand's presence on social media, collaborates with influencers, and manages the player community (with the social media manager)
  • monitors and analyzes sales and brand performance through quantitative and qualitative studies and various analysis tools
  • works closely with other departments of the company such as marketing, sales, communication, and/or external agencies
  • participates in the creation of the game's visual identity and visuals while respecting the artistic direction
  • ensures the production of all marketing deliverables (banners, trailers, promotional images, online store product pages, etc.)
  • defines and manages the allocated budget, analyzes the return on investment.
  • icon +10%

    Management Positions (between 2018 and 2021)

  • icon +100%

    Data Management Positions (between 2018 and 2021)

  • icon_business_work +31%

    Marketing Positions (between 2018 and 2021)

Who are the stakeholders of a Brand Manager?

The Brand Manager must interact with all stakeholders involved in the construction and management of brands to ensure maximum clarity and consistency around the company's image and reputation.

Depending on the size of the companies:

  • The management team, the marketing director, the sales director
  • Marketing and communication assistants, community managers, product managers
  • The company's partners, such as advertising agencies, marketing consultants, and suppliers
  • Media and journalists

What are the qualities of a Brand Manager?

Brand management requires the following qualities:

  • Creativity: to develop innovative ideas.
  • Communication: to present ideas clearly to teams, argue, convince (verbally and in writing), and collaborate with different stakeholders.
  • Leadership: to lead his team and motivate them to achieve brand goals, to make decisions sometimes quickly.
  • Adaptability: to quickly adapt to market changes and develop marketing plans accordingly.
  • Analytical and synthetic mind: to analyze data to understand the impact of marketing campaigns and adjust strategies accordingly.
  • Reactivity and good stress resistance.

The Brand Manager must also have an in-depth knowledge of the video game industry and the latest trends and news in marketing (including digital branding, web marketing).


What are the career prospects for a Brand Manager?

A Brand Manager can advance to a position as a Marketing Director.

What companies hire Brand Managers?

Some companies that hire Brand Managers include those in the fashion and luxury industry, financial and insurance services, technology, and of course, the video game industry. As the video game industry in particular is seeking more qualified marketing professionals (+31% job offers in marketing between 2018 and 2021), there are plenty of opportunities for Brand Managers to find work in this field.

Testimonials from professionals

Idrissa Diagne | Talent Acquisition Manager | DON’T NOD

"DON'T NOD has been a partner of ISART Digital for many years and we regularly recruit students from the school.

The creation of the Game Business School is an initiative that meets our needs in the areas of Business & Management, Marketing & Communication, Publishing, and Data Analysis, among others, just like the numerous production and development jobs."

Cover Youtube Dontnod Quote

Bastien Gaultier | Campus Manager | UBISOFT

“The video game market is extremely dynamic and studios and publishers are facing strong competition that raises the expectations of players.

In this context, it is increasingly necessary to surround oneself with professionals in marketing, management, data, publishing, etc. who are trained in the specificities of the video game industry.

I have complete confidence in ISART's experience and expertise to support and develop these talents of tomorrow.”

Cover Youtube Ubisoft Quote

How to become a Brand Manager?

What is the best school to become a Brand Manager?

ISART Digital is an excellent school, ranked #2 best video game schools in the world by the American website GAMEducation.

It is renonwed for its unique expertise in training for the video game industry, especially in business and management.

Future managers are trained with creative methods, innovative techniques from the video game industry and can apply them to other sectors (AI, Data, etc).

The school offers an unprecedented ecosystem that fosters collaborations between ISART Game Business School students and ISART Creative School students.

  • Projects and practical cases on real video game productions
  • International presence
  • Strong interactions with the industry & support from partners (Ubisoft, Vodoo, Kylotonn, DON'T NOD)
  • Support for graduates in their entrepreneurship ventures
  • Partnership with the University Côte d'Azur and support from the city of Nice
  • Small and student-focused school

What training is required to become a Brand Manager?

It is recommended to follow the MSc Game Creative Strategy program at ISART (2 years) to work in the video game industry and for sectors using digital image technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Data (health, education, retail, etc.).

At the end of the program, students master the methodology for strategic management of an innovative product.

They know how to:

  • Create and implement a business plan
  • Build an efficient organization dedicated to the launch and maintenance of a product
  • Manage change
  • Master the fundamentals of the digital economy
  • Manage a multidisciplinary and international team

They acquire key skills to occupy a position as a Brand Manager:

  • Design the strategy of an innovative product
  • Drive the realization of an innovative project
  • Develop the marketing of an innovative product
  • Master the strategy of a studio or publisher
  • Drive creative and commercial strategic decisions using data analysis from ISART CREATIVE games
  • Master the entrepreneurship environment from production to publishing

Thanks to internships during their studies, students can gain professional experience. They can put into practice their skills in project management, communication, market analysis, and teamwork.

To learn more about the MSc Admission process, visit the Admission page.

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