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Data Project Manager

Description of the Data Project Manager job

The Data Project Manager coordinates and plans the management of complex projects that rely on creating value from databases.

These projects can take various forms such as creating and deploying artificial intelligence models, reorganizing data pipelines to streamline and optimize data processing operations, or modernizing decision-making processes in a company by providing the right data.

Here are some examples in the video game industry:

  • Automating cheat detection in a multiplayer game
  • Providing a tool to the customer support team to access data on each user who submits a ticket for more efficient response
  • Streamlining criteria that trigger marketing emails to players
  • Automating the calculation of key game performance indicators and providing dashboards to game designers, producers, and product managers to support daily decision-making

Main responsibilities:

  • Defining project objectives, constraints, and risks
  • Establishing a budget, a schedule, and sticking to them
  • Communicating with all project stakeholders
  • Developing and implementing effective data collection strategies
  • Setting up a project monitoring and maintenance strategy
  • Developing metrics to demonstrate the value of the project
  • Anticipating technological, technical, ethical, and financial risks of the project
  • Ensuring the quality and accuracy of the data used


Technical skills

The technical skills required for the role of Data Project Manager may vary depending on the specific needs of the game studio and projects.

These include:

  • Proficiency in data analysis tools such as relational databases, SQL query tools, spreadsheets, data visualization tools, etc. The Data Project Manager must have experience in collecting, managing, and leveraging large amounts of data
  • Knowledge of programming languages commonly used in the game industry, such as Python, R, and Java
  • Knowledge of advanced data analytics including statistics, machine learning, predictive analytics, and data modeling
  • Knowledge of the video game industry including current trends, player preferences, business models, etc.
  • Ability to communicate and persuade the leadership team and all teams involved in game development.
  • icon +10%

    Management positions (between 2018 and 2021)

  • icon +100%

    Data Management positions (between 2018 and 2021)

  • icon_business_work +31%

    Marketing positions (between 2018 and 2021)

Project management and team management skills

The Data Project Manager must also possess skills in:

  • Project planning:

He plans and organizes the project as a whole, define clear objectives and determine the necessary steps to achieve these objectives. This may include identifying the necessary resources (team and budget), defining deadlines, managing risks, etc.

  • Team coordination:

He leads and coordinates a multidisciplinary team consisting of game programmers, database developers, data analysts, etc. He clearly communicates expectations and responsibilities to each team member and ensure that project objectives are achieved.
He must report on the progress of the project, as well as costs, expected benefits, and potential risks.

  • Time management:

He ensures that deadlines are met, plan team activities, and proposes solutions if unexpected events occur.

  • Leadership:

He unites his team around the project, promotes a collaborative work environment, and can manage conflicts that may arise. He defines team objectives, supervise the performance of each team member, and may be responsible for recruiting and training new team members.

Risk management:

The Data Project Manager collaborates with the IT Project Manager to develop strategies to protect and secure the collected data, including:

  • Defining policies and procedures to ensure that data is collected, stored, and analyzed securely and efficiently
  • Assessing data security risks, including those related to cyber-attacks, human error, and other potential threats
  • Developing risk management plans to help mitigate data security risks. These plans may include data security policies, backup and data recovery procedures, business continuity plans, etc.
  • Monitoring data security in real-time to detect potential threats and take measures to mitigate them
  • Providing training and awareness to employees and stakeholders on data security and sensitizing them to potential data security risks

Profile and Education

Desired Profile

The position of Data Project Manager requires skills in:

  • Communication
  • Data analysis, data modeling, and data visualization tools
  • Understanding market trends and technological advancements in the data field
  • Strategic vision
  • Management
  • Project management
  • Teamwork
  • In-depth knowledge of the video game industry

Education and Required Degrees

ISART offers training dedicated to the various business professions (marketing, management, data, etc.) specialized in the video game industry.

The school provides a unique ecosystem that promotes collaboration between students of ISART Game Business School and ISART Creative School.

Two courses are offered in Nice to acquire skills in project management, data analysis, management, and in-depth knowledge of the video game industry:

BBA Game & Creative Manager / Admission after high school
MSc Game & Creative Strategy / Admission after a Bachelor's degree / Program entirely in English

Employment outlook

Current job market trends

The job market for Data Project Managers in the video game industry is constantly evolving. One of the indicators of the strong growth in this sector is the constantly evolving number of job offers in management positions (+10%), data management (+100%), and marketing (+31%) between 2018 and 2021 (source: SNJV).

Growing importance of this profession in current businesses

Data has become a major issue for video game studios as well as for all industries that want to remain competitive.

It is analyzed to identify market trends, predict upcoming changes, and quickly adapt to changes in consumer behavior.

The role of a Data Project Manager has thus become essential for improving decision-making, competitiveness of the company, coordination of teams, and project supervision.

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