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Marketing Director - Job description


The Marketing Director develops the marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and improve the promotion of the company's products/services.

They plan, implement, and oversee all marketing actions of the company.

The Missions of the Marketing Director

The missions of a Marketing Director may vary depending on the company, industry, and company size.

Among the most common missions:

  • Develop the marketing strategy while respecting the company's values and responding to strategic challenges
  • Analyze the market, consumer behaviors, and competition
  • Identify emerging trends, research market opportunities (new products or development)
  • Ensure respect for the company's values and brand image on all communication channels
  • Supervise the creation of marketing content
  • Propose creative and effective advertising campaigns
  • Drive the deployment of marketing action plans (advertising, digital marketing, public relations, events, promotions, and other marketing initiatives)
  • Define the target audience and marketing mix (product, price, promotion, distribution)
  • Determine available resources (internal, external)
  • Build and monitor the annual marketing budget
  • Supervise and manage teams (recruitment, mission definition, organization and planning, goal setting, performance evaluation, career development, etc.)
  • Evaluate performance, define KPIs, measure and analyze the effectiveness of each marketing action, recommend adjustments, measure investment/revenue ratios
  • Oversee public relations and press

Skills Required for the Marketing Director Position

The Marketing Director position requires a combination of skills in:

Marketing operational, direct, influential, and relational marketing; as well as a deep understanding of advertising, sales promotion, and digital marketing

Leadership to lead and motivate teams, work closely with the management team, take initiatives and decisions

Team management to rally the team around the project and achieve objectives

Analytical and synthesis skills to analyze market trends, measure results and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and adjust the strategy to ensure that the company's objectives are met

The Qualities of a Marketing Director

The Marketing Director has a strategic vision.

They are capable of thinking long-term and planning medium to long-term marketing strategies for their company.

Their understanding of the market and trends allows them to develop effective campaigns.

The Marketing Director is creative.

They are constantly searching for new proposals to promote the brand, company, and its products/services.

They exhibit innovative thinking in their proposals.

The Marketing Director is a communicator.

In addition to being passionate about marketing, the Marketing Director knows how to effectively convey their strategic vision to management and communicate easily with the team and stakeholders.

How to Become a Marketing Director?

What training is required to become a Marketing Director?

The MSC Game & Creative Strategy program at ISART, on the Nice campus, allows you to master the methodology of strategic management of an innovative product:

  • Create and implement a business plan
  • Build an efficient organization dedicated to the launch and maintenance of a product
  • Drive change management
  • Master the fundamentals of the digital economy
  • Manage a multidisciplinary and international team

The 1,300 hours of classes (over 2 years) focus on:

  • Personal and professional development: economic intelligence, human resources
  • Project management and management: entrepreneurship, finance, management, publishing
  • Marketing and business: legal aspects, business, marketing
  • Projects
  • Internships and periods in companies
  • Associative and sports activities

The MSc is accessible after the BBA Game & Creative Management or a bachelor's degree (or equivalent).

Discover the MSc Game & Creative Strategy

Discover the MSc Game & Creative Strategy

2-year program

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Job Prospects for Marketing Directors

A Marketing Director can progress their career in various ways, depending on their skills, experience, and professional goals.

Here are some examples:

  • General Manager
  • Consultant
  • International Marketing Director

Companies that hire Marketing Directors

Many sectors recruit Marketing Director positions, including:

  • the video game industry (studios, publishers)
  • consumer goods companies
  • pharmaceuticals
  • new technologies
  • financial activities
  • automotive
  • ...

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