Video Game Production

Manage and delegate the production of a video game
Length: 1 year
Rhythm: Cooperative education
Prerequisites for admission: Postgraduate degree or work experience in the video game industry – Portfolio and interview


  • Acquire the managerial and methodological skills necessary to supervise a team in the production of a video game
  • Master the organisation of a video game production
  • Discover and understand the video game industry




Producer, Project Manager, Production Manager, Assistant Producer, Lead Positions…


  • Discover the various players in the game industry
  •  Discover video game professions
  •  Discover the phases in video game production
  •  Production monitoring
  •  Task management
  •  Risk management
  •  Agile methods (SCRUM…)
  •  Management and Communication with your development team
  •  Setting targets
  •  How to give and receive constructive criticism
  •  Managing conflicts
  •  Discovery of marketing and business professions and their constraints
  •  Awareness of legal questions linked to video game production
  •  Putting it all into practice: managing a student project (from initial concept to finalized game) all through the year
  •  English
  •  Support in starting your career

Elodie Martinaud / Bulkypix

“Thanks to the work-study programmes, the students gain experience in a real production team. They are thus able to put theory into practice and validate what they have learned, in a company context.”