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Out of sight

Out of sight

End of Year Project - class of 2015


A mother struck with dysmnesia (memory block) tries to retrace her memories with the help of a psychiatrist to understand the reasons behind her son’s departure. She will have to use her 5 senses to rebuild her memories, and try to find the truth behind the lies that her conscience tries to impose on her.


Aventure / Réflexion



1 player


S. Menager

Game Design

A. Chaibi-Merlin, M. Fuchs

Game Art

R. Maulet, B. Niedzielski

Game Design & Programming

T. Fontaine

Game Programming

S. Khemri

Music & Sound Design

N. De Ferran

out-of-sight-pastille-emotional-games-awards out-of-sight-pastille-flip out-of-sight-pastille-ludicious-zurich-game
Out of sight